When we write it is important to KISS (keep it simple and sweet) so that our message is clear. Big words only make us look more clever but people may not know what we mean. Short words are better than longer ones because they sound more powerful when you read them aloud. By using long and difficult words only when they are needed we will increase their impact.


Common legal style Kerk & Partners’ Style
Utilise Use
Purchase / Procure Buy
Provide / Furnish Give
Assist / Assistance Help
Commence Begin
Terminate / Determine End
Regarding / Concerning / Re / With reference to About
Permit Let
Approximately About
Sufficient Enough
Commonly / Frequently Often
Is able to Can
Currently / Presently Now
Ascertain Find out
Accordingly So / Therefore
Irrespective of Whether or not / Even if
Additionally And
Prior to Before
In excess of More than
Firstly First
Sell and / or buy Sell, buy or both
Execute / Execution Sign / Signature
Financial Institution / Financier Bank
Forward Send
Please find enclosed Here is
Indicate Show
Ongoing Continuing
In my opinion / I am of the opinion that I think
Undertake Promise
Per annum A year
Practically Almost / Nearly
Preceding Last / Before
Prescribed Set / Fixed
Reimburse Repay / Pay back
Subsequently Then / After / Later
Supplementary Extra / More
In the event of If
As a consequence of Because of
In addition to Besides
With the exception of Except
In the absense of Without
In favour For
In order to To
Commencement / initiate Start
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