We are always on the lookout for great people to join our young, motivated and amazing team. If you keep each of the five habits listed below then we’d love to hear from you. Please drop us a line, send us your resume and tell us about your history, achievements and dreams.


1. Rise early.

Waking up early gives your day a fresh head start. The cool morning air, uplifting bird chorus and the chance to eat a good breakfast will help you plan a productive day.

 2. Dress Smart

The saying “ First impression is often the Last” is true. Image is important. Wear clean clothes that fit. Dressing well radiates self-respect as well as confidence.

 3. Respond to Messages

Responding to messages or emails within 24 hours is good business practice and etiquette. If a matter is important then choose to speak to the person. No technology can ever replace the human voice.

4. Read

Reading gives you not just knowledge and language skills but also the power of imagination. All successful individuals, cultures and societies write, read and build libraries.

 5. Contribute

Our comfort and wellbeing today is built on the toil, tears and sweat of many who came before us. Everything we enjoy today is the result of somebody’s kindness in the past or present. Be grateful by giving back to society and to people in need. Contribute so that you will continue to have more.

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