Coronavirus Guide to Business Hibernation

” Please, a definition: a hibernation is a covert preparation for a more overt action.” – Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man, 1952 In harsh climates when food is scarce, bears and some other animals sleep through winter because they use up more energy maintaining their body temperature and in foraging for food than they would receiveContinue reading “Coronavirus Guide to Business Hibernation”

Age of Absence: Covid-19, MM2H and Foreign Spouses

Our team at Malaysia Residency is busy (sort of). Since 18 March we have been working away from our nice cosy office due to the MCO (Movement Control Order). We are all encamped and isolated in our homes monitoring our MM2H (Malaysia My Second Home) files, updating clients and answering enquiries from all over theContinue reading “Age of Absence: Covid-19, MM2H and Foreign Spouses”

Employment and Covid-19

A. Law in the time of Corona Extraordinary times are upon us, foretelling a period of massive social, political and economic dislocation and change. Countries around the world have been put on a war footing to combat a virus that is causing the biggest peacetime lockdown and immobilisation of population in living memory.   The economyContinue reading “Employment and Covid-19”

Town Hall Meetings and the JMC

From its origins in the American colonies in 17th century New England when taxpaying folks would gather in town halls to listen and talk to their politicians who would then bring up their views in parliament, the terms “town hall meeting” or “town halls” have expanded to describe any present day gathering of people inContinue reading “Town Hall Meetings and the JMC”

Doing Airbnb: short-stay side hustle or tourist accommodation business?

Malaysia has recently come out with guidelines to regulate the renting of Short-Term Residential Accommodations (STRA) on digital platforms. Among those platforms the most popular and successful is Airbnb, a company founded in 2008 by two unemployed designers, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia who rented out air bed in their flat in San Francisco toContinue reading “Doing Airbnb: short-stay side hustle or tourist accommodation business?”