withholding tax and income tax (exemption) (NO.9) order 2017

Withholding tax is a type of income tax payable by a non-resident on certain categories of income derived from Malaysia. The law requires the person making payment to the non-resident to withhold tax at source and remit it to Malaysian Inland Revenue. Typically you will need to deduct non-resident withholding tax ( NRWT ) if […]

one malaysia, many rules for foreign house buyers

After half a decade of flirtation with globalization of its real estate market, Malaysia decided this year to make it hard again for foreigners to buy and own a property here.  The new restrictions in the form of higher property gain tax (30%), floor price (RM1 Million) and in some cases  imposition of levy have […]

no property floor price for foreigners with residency ?

Since 2009, Malaysia has changed to become the country with probably the most open property market in Asia. In June of that year Malaysia replaced its central government’s foreign investment committee (FIC) approval for property purchase by non-citizens with the new EPU Guidelines (EPU). This made it quicker and easier for overseas buyers to own […]

investors or directors visa in malaysia

strong>You can migrate to Malaysia by setting up a business here. Foreigners who wish to migrate to Malaysia can apply for residency under what is commonly called a “Directors Visa” which is a type of  Expatriate Employment Pass issued under the name of a Business that they set up and own in Malaysia. This is […]

high hopes and higher taxes: malaysia RPGT 2014

If the only reason for higher RPGT is to stop foreigners flipping property for profit then it is a tax on an activity that technically does not exist in Malaysia. Malaysia announced last month that real property gains tax (RPGT) will increase next year on 1 January 2014. The rates announced ( 30% tax on […]